Stranger Danger Course for kids 

Topics we will cover include the following:
  • Setting clear and appropriate boundaries
  • Personal safety and ahome alone safety
  • Anti-Abduction strategies
  • How to handle bullying by peers
  • Using your voice loudly to attract attention

 With EZ Self Defense for kids, children have the opportunity to learn and practice different ways of being powerful and safe in a workshop that is short, but realistic. The skills they practice can stop most abductions or assaults. We focus on the positive. This means we use workshop time to explore and practice skills that can prevent, avoid, de-escalate, or stop a problem as soon as possible. We create opportunities for “learning by doing” by having children practice what to do to prevent or stop those problems by using their bodies and voices and they are coached so that they experience success.

The Skills We Teach:  

Children practice sitting, standing, and moving with awareness and confidence. They practice how to look and speak so that people will bother them less and listen to them more. They practice noticing what is happening around them so that they can prevent most trouble before it starts.

We will teach your child how to asses a situation to know what their safest choices are; moving their bodies in order to create more space between themselves and people who might cause problems for them; making safe choices about talking to or taking things from strangers; checking in with adults in charge before they change the plan about where they are going, what they are doing or who they are going with. In our self defense workshop, children also practice “emergency only” skills of using physical techniques to escape from danger, as a last resort.

Children practice making and following a safety plan for how to get help in public including if they get lost if they are with a trusted adult or bothered if they are out on their own; being clear in telling trusted adults when they have a safety problem; persisting until they get the help they need; using their voices loudly to attract attention if a situation becomes threatening; and getting help in emergncies.

SET CLEAR AND APPROPRIATE BOUNDARIES: Children learn and practice boundary-setting skills which builds confidence. There is NO discussion of explicit details about sexual molestation or assault. 

10% sibling discount

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