KUNG FU KNOWLEDGE                                                                                      DEFINITION/SYMBOLIZES

1. Bowing


2.  Sensei


3. Dojo

Training hall

4.  Tiger in the Cage

Everything you learn / control

5.  Kiai

Spirit shout

6.   Kung Fu Animal:  Tiger

Power and tenacity

7.   Kung Fu Animal:  Leopard

Speed and footwork

8.   Kung Fu Animal:  Snake

Inner strength

9.   Kung Fu Animal:  Crane


10.  Kung Fu Animal:  Dragon



Empty hand

12.  Kung Fu

Great skill


Law of the fist

14.  Shaolin

Little forest

15.  Sempai

Highest belt in class

16. Logo patch: White color

The beginning

17.  Logo patch: Black color

The journey

18.  Logo patch: Red color


19.  Logo patch: Two Chinese characters

Peace and Harmony

20.  Logo patch: Yin Yang


21.  10 Principles: Character

The qualities that sum up who you are

22.  10 Principles: Compassion

Love and Kindness

23.  10 Principles: Discipline

Listening and Following directions

24.  10 Principles: Effort

Always doing your best

25.  10 Principles: Etiquette

Good manners

26.  10 Principles: Humility

Not bragging or boasting

27.  10 Principles: Integrity

Being honest

28.  10 Principles: Patience

Waiting without complaining

29.  10 Principles: Respect

Treating things and others the way you would like to be treated

30.  10 Principles: Self control

Having control of your actions and emotions

31. Bunkai


32.  Chi


33.  Jiu-jitsu

Gentle art

34.  Red belt

Assistant Sensei

35.  Sanchin


36.  3 Rules of Concentration: Focus your eyes

Where you are going

37.  3 Rules of Concentration: Focus your mind

Paying attention

38.  3 Rules of Concentration: Focus you body

Being in the right position

39.  Kata or Form

Martial Arts techniques that are performed in a certain pattern

40.  Kneel and meditate

To clear our mind

41.  Degrees of Black Belt


42.  Bodhidharma

Founder of Kung Fu

43.  Origin of the Black Belt

Years of training with sweat and hard work

44.  James Mitose

Origin of Shaolin Kempo Karate

45.  William Chow

Origin of Shaolin Kempo Kung Fu


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