• Remove street shoes when entering the Dojo. This practice of removing footwear is an ancient tradition and a sign of a visitor's humility. More importantly, we remove our shoes to preserve the hygiene of the Dojo from the germ and bacteria-laden street.

• Bow upon entering and leaving the Dojo. Always bow to the instructor at the beginning and end of each class, and bow to your fellow students when working out. This is a salutation of mutual respect and does not denote any religious significance.

• Always refer to your instructor as "Sensei," "Sir," or "Ma'am."

• A student must not ask the instructor about their next rank test date. This shows a lack of patience, humility, and disrespect for your instructor's professional judgment.

• Refrain from using foul language in or near the Studio.

• When class is in session, always ask the instructor's permission to enter the dojo, then walk over to the side of the class quietly so as to not disturb the ongoing lesson.

• Possession of drugs or alcohol in the Dojo by students is strictly prohibited and is grounds for dismissal.

• No food, candy, or chewing gum in the Dojo.

• ABSOLUTELY NO sparring is allowed in the Dojo, unless supervised by the Sensei.

• All students must wear full safety gear before sparring in the dojo; no exceptions.

• Take pride in your appearance by wearing a clean uniform to class.

• No watches or jewelry should be worn in class for the safety of yourself and other students.

• Always kneel when putting on your belt before and after class and when a higher rank does the same to show respect for the time they have been studying.

• All students must have permission from the Sensei before using punching bags, weapons, and training equipment.

• All Martial Arts Supplies, Uniforms, and Training Equipment MUST be purchased through Shaolin Kempo Arts in compliance with our Martial Arts code and insurance policy.

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