Sensei Joey is originally from New Hampshire and also grew up on the Mariah Micmac Indian Reservation on the Eastern seaboard of Canada on the Gesgapegiag Coast . His father is Native American Indian and Joey spent about 10 years of his early childhood growing up on the reservation with his family. He started training in the Martial Arts when he was 14 years old and immediately fell in love with the art and sport of Martial Arts. At 18, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps with an interest of seeing the world and serving his country. While in the Marine Corps, Joey was a Sergeant rank and worked as an aviation ordinance technician working on FA-18 fighter jets. He also continued to train and started teaching Martial Arts to other Marines. Joey competed in International Martial Arts competitions around the world and still competes today in both sparring and forms divisions. After 8 years in the military, Joey decided to call San Diego home as he was stationed at Miramar and began teaching Martial Arts in the Del Mar and Carmel Valley community in 1997.

In 2000 and 2001, Sensei Joey traveled to Denfung China to the Shaolin Temple to train with the Shaolin monks in Kung fu. This is the birthplace of Martial Arts. He was honored by being chosen to perform and test for his next rank with the Head Abbott of the Shaolin Temple. It was inspirational so much so that Sensei Joey wanted to share and teach this Shaolin Kung Fu style in his own school here in Carmel Valley.

In 2005, Sensei Joey was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Shaolin Kempo Master of the Year and as a 5th Degree Black Belt. This honor was bestowed not only for his Martial Arts abilities, but his contribution to his community in teaching and educating in his style of Martial Arts.

Sensei Lori is originally from Los Angeles. Her background is also the arts, but a slightly different form. She was a former classical ballet and modern dancer. She studied and received her B.F.A. degree in Dance at UC Santa Barbara and also trained at London Contemporary Dance Theatre. After moving to San Diego, Lori taught figure skating in La Jolla. In wishing to seek a new hobby, Sensei Lori  sought a place to learn self defense and learn Kickboxing and ultimately earned her Black Belt.

In 2000, Sensei Joey and Lori opened Shaolin Kempo Arts together and it was a realized dream come true; to be able to share the joy and love of Martial Arts with kids, teens and adults, all who seek different goals and aspirations within their training. Many of our students have gone on to become Black Belts, gone on to college and achieved their own goals and illustrious careers. Parents have lauded their children's Martial Arts training with us as a big component in their child's success. The most important things we teach at our school alongside our traditional Martial Arts training is Leadership and fostering Self-confidence. We strongly feel those are key elements to success in life, no matter what path a child will ultimately choose. We launched our Guidance on Leadership Development Program which fosters those skills.

Sensei Joey shares his training that he learned from the United States Marine Corps to our dojo mats in the form of Parkour. Shaolin Kempo Arts also has the most popular parkour program in Carmel Valley - Carmel Valley Parkour which teaches the most efficient way to overcome physical obstacles, art of escape, and rolling, running and jumping in a safe and encouraging environment. Parkour focuses on strengthening the body and flexibility all while being creative and having fun and is a great cross-trainer for all sports.

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